$1 DAZE Sale in the BOUTIQUE during August

The Women’s BOUTIQUE Thrift Store will hold their annual August $1 DAZE Sale during August.  Everything in the BOUTIQUE is only $1. Everything. The BOUTIQUE is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

The BOUTIQUE is a Women’s Thrift Store and does not have men or children’s items.  Check out our Grace Stop Thrift Store for the whole family. It is open the first Saturday of the month from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. and has a variety of clothing and household items at extremely reasonable prices.

All funds from sales are directed to church missions or local charity organizations.  The Wesley Women United  volunteers staff the BOUTIQUE each week and have been doing so for over 25 years. For more information, contact the church at 405.525.3521.

Boutique Pic

Above, Colene Frizzell, a WWU volunteer arranges new jewelry donations.
The BOUTIQUE was recently renovated and a fitting room, new paint and carpet were added.

Going Away Reception for Rev. Jennifer Long


Good Luck & Good Bye Reception for Rev. Jennifer Long & Family

Join us as we celebrate the Long’s venture to California to begin Jennifer’s Doctorate of Ministry
at Pacific School of Religion.
Sunday, July 27th @ 11:30 a.m. in the Parlor
Wesley United Methodist Church
1401 NW 25th Street


flower border

Jennifer, Jason, Rylee and Taylor are headed to Berkeley, CA to begin Jennifer’s Doctorate in Ministry . The family is very excited about this opportunity and adventure! Jennifer, with a passion for ministry and the arts, plans to work on her dissertation project focused on ministry and the body. Her proposal is

“Dance Theology from Word to Praxis:
Bringing the Body into Preaching, Teaching, Prayer and Care.”

Following a year of study in Berkeley, they will return to Oklahoma where Jennifer will be appointed somewhere in the Oklahoma Conference. She recently was appointed to sabbatical to pursue her doctorate after 9 years of appointment as the Director of Religious Life at Oklahoma City University where she and her family attended Wesley UMC. During those 9 years she and Jason began dating, got married, and had two wonderful and active children. Both Rylee and Taylor were baptized at Wesley UMC.  Wesley will remain their charge conference connection while they are in California.

Bits and Pieces-This & That-Did You Know

Wesley Community Garden
Produces Lots of Herbs

This week, our community garden produced about 25 small sampler bags of a different herbs including:  Basil. Lemon Basil, spicy sage, garden sage, Thyme, Rosemary, Chives,3  green peppers, 2 banana peppers, 6 okra, 3 tomatoes, 4 jalapenos and chocolate mint.  If you haven’t seen our garden, stop by after church or your next meeting.

community garden

Busy Busy here at Wesley

Our Children’s Theater Camps take a holiday break this week in observance of Independence Day.  They will be back next week with another two camps, M-F and then again one more time this summer.  Each day, we have approx. 30 preschool and youth attend.

Dillon’s Vietnamese camp had approximately 80 kids attending for 3 full days of activities last weekend.


Wesley prepares meals each Thursday for local home-bound seniors and has been providing these meals for over 40 years.  Yes, 40 years.  That is 280 dog years. We need volunteers for the 1st-4th-5th Thursday of the month from 9-11:30 a.m. to prepare the lunch. That’s it. Come-Cook-Go. If you are looking for a Mission that makes a huge impact, then Mobile Meals is your answer. Contact the church office at 405.525.3521.if you would like more information on Mobile Meals and Wesley’s part.


JULY Birthdays

July 1-Dr. Hudson                     July 3-Lois Holt

July 5-Edna Ramee                   July 6-Carolyn McPherson

July 6-Martha Ellis                     July 7-Brandon Haynes

July 7-Hazel Newton                July 8-Bob McKown

July 10-Isabelle Onema             July 13-Megan Sikes

July 14-Melodie Toland             July 15-Kate James

July 19-Helen Murphy              July 22-Jane Smith

Please wish them a happy and blessed birthday!


Grace Stop-A Thrift Store to Help Community

Blankets, clothes, kids shoes, spiritual support, books and more…If you had these items to give, would you? Grace Stop will be a Ministry to help community families in these tough economic times and to build relationships with our neighbors. Donations are now being accepted.  If you are unsure whether your items meet the needs of Grace Stop, please contact the church office first.



10 A.M.-2 P.M.


  new-logo                    Positive Things Happening at Wesley

A spree of positive actions were visible at Wesley in June.  OPEN MIC, a project of the Evangelism Committee, not only brought new faces to Wesley, but showcased previously unknown Wesley talent.  Free refreshments, Bibles, and other Christian literature were shared and available to all attendees.  If you missed it, make plans to join in the fun and fellowship July 18 and August 15.

There were no less than 12 volunteers all working together last week to transform the old Montessori room into the new Grace Stop Store.  The effort, led by visionary Marilyn Hudson, cleaned, arranged, and began to set up the store for its Grand Opening August 2. Grace Stop will feature gently used children’s and men’s clothing, books, small household items, and more.  Good condition items are welcome.

Wesley’s community garden garnered some attention as Carla Hinton, religious editor for The Oklahoman, did a story with photos about this new ministry.  The basil is ready for harvest as are some peppers. Tomatoes should be ripening soon.  Feel free to hoe, weed, or water the garden.  Its produce is available to all.

For the rest of Summer, there will be a gathering in the Narthex following the worship service each week at 11:30.  Plan to attend to greet one another and our guests and to partake of light refreshment and great fellowship.

Keep up the good work, Wesley!

                                                                                      Susan Howard, Lay Leader


A word from Dr. Hudson

A Lesson in Perception

As most are aware, I have just returned from a mission trip to eastern Poland.  That trip was wonderful and in time, I wish to share my experience in some appropriate manner.  However, I want to share a collateral experience I had during that trip.  One of our concerts took us to the city of Auschwitz, which is infamous for the presence of the Nazi concentration camps of Auschwitz and Bierkenau.  I had of course learned about that dark chapter of European history during the years of my schooling, but the magnitude of the event never penetrated my psyche.  I understood the Holocaust as a very bad thing that happened a long time ago.  When I stepped through the famous gates with their German inscription, “Work Will Make You Free”, I began a journey that was soul wrenching.  As I saw the evidence of naked hatred that could forcibly take entire people groups, including men, women, and small children, and dehumanize them in horrific ways that resulted in their being reduced to fertilizer to be applied to agricultural fields in the surrounding region, I experienced a transition in my perception of that event.

Once an abstract historical awareness of a tragic event, it was not a soul shaking experience.  I experienced a range of emotions from shock to anger to tears as I saw with my own eyes the barracks, the barbed wire, and the killing centers that accounted for well over one million of the total deaths during that period of history.

There are many lessons to be learned from this place.  In my opinion, the largest lesson to be learned is that we should ever be on guard lest such an event happens again.  However, I think I also learned that knowing about something is not the same thing as experiencing it on a visceral level of our being.  There are varying levels of perception. Some perception is very shallow and merely mental.  Some perceptions are as deep as our soul.  I should know the difference.  I am pondering the significance of that lesson for me as I think about a whole range of human stories and experiences.  I am also reflecting upon what it might say about my experience of faith.



UMC National NEWS

 WOMEN PASTORS FIND SUPPORT MISSING In front, Bishop Rosemarie Wenner, center, president of the Council of Bishops, celebrates opening worship at the 2012 United Methodist General Conference with Bishop Larry Goodpaster and the Rev. April Casperson. While some clergywomen, like Wenner, reach top positions in the denomination, a study shows that a lack of support …

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Change the World Event: Community Garden @ Wesley

May 5 UPDATE:  The first two beds are constructed and the soil is in.  Another bed will be built within the next few weeks. We have planted tomatoes, squash, okra, beans, herbs and more. In early spring, we received seed money to purchase the supplies to build 3 raised beds for the first phase of our …

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United Methodist Women in History

United Methodist Women Making History In 1987, the U.S. Congress designated the month of March as Women’s History Month.  The history of Women in Methodism begins in 1770.  Here is a timeline of events of Women in the Church.c. 1770  Mary Evans Thorne is appointed class leader by Joseph Pilmore in Philadelphia; she is probably the …

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UMC offers Summer Camps for Children, Youth and Speciality

YOUTH Our summer camping programs, for youth from 6th grade through young adults, offer a wide variety of programming and activities. Wilderness camp is a unique adventure in creating a Christian community while living in the outdoors. Senior High Treks for the more adventuresome with an unforgettable experience that offers amazing views and mountain-top highs. …

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Wesley Sunday Bulletin for July 13

We welcome our new minister, Dr. Marvin J. Hudson to Wesley United Methodist Church.  Dr. Hudson has been serving at the First United Methodis Church in Mooreland, OK..  To find out more on Dr. Hudson’s experience, background and previous ministries you can go to this link:  http://marvinjhudson.blogspot.com/p/bio.html Are you not available to attend a Sunday …

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Wesley Women’s BOUTIQUE meets the GRACE STOP

The Wesley Women United’s BOUTIQUE IS OPEN. If you have not had a chance to come by, take a few minutes and check out their ever-changing selection of women’s wear and accessories. Also, with recent renovations, the Boutique is a brighter-fresher boutique with new paint, new carpet, new lights and a new changing room. The …

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Wesley eNewsletter for July/August


Take a peek at the church’s weekly news and events.  Get a weekly calendar, a column from Dr. Marvin J Hudson, Minister,  Sunday School news, special events and outings, and a snip-it of Wesley’s architectural history. If you would like to receive our newsletter each week via internet mail. Please send us your email address or those …

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